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Lighting Maintenance

So you decided to have an outdoor lighting system installed and are enjoying the results, now what?

This is where lighting maintenance comes in. An outdoor lighting system can be designed and installed properly but must be maintained to continue to provide the desired effect. When we do a project, we provide a maintenance checklist and set up a schedule to provide this service.

The checklist:

  • Check the transformer and control system to make sure they are functioning properly.
  • Replace lamps, with LED technology this has definitely become less of an issue.
  • Straighten and adjust fixtures to make sure the location and beam direction is as intended. Having a fixture that has been knocked over and shooting a beam of light into your neighbors window will not win you neighbor of the year.
  • Clean fixtures and lenses to remove any mulch or debris that may limit the light output. I have seen mulch that was piled on a fixture so thick you could not see the light, don’t ask me how that happens.
  • Check fixture and wire that are mounted in trees. The tree will continue to grow so the fixtures and wire hardware needs to be checked and adjusted to prevent the tree from eating the fixtures/ mounts.
  • With the freeze and thaw process we experience in Kentucky, wire can become exposed over time so burying exposed wire should happen when needed.

The maintenance is usually once or twice a year but can be more depending on the client’s needs.