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Why Have Outdoor Lighting?

There are many reasons clients want outdoor lighting, but usually they fall under 3 categories: aesthetics, security & safety.

  1. Aesthetics or curb appeal. Clients have invested into the look of their home, outdoor living areas & landscapes but are unable to view or enjoy these elements at night. Outdoor lighting provides the ability to view these spaces from inside or outside the house.
  2. Security. Lighting helps people feel more secure. You do not have to blast an area with harsh floodlights that resemble a prison yard to achieve the feeling of security. Using a subtle wash of light in secondary areas, highlighting elements of the property/ home and eliminating dark areas provide the desired effect.
  3. Safety. With many homes, you may have outdoor living areas, steps, water features and seating walls. These elements should be illuminated to provide safe passage through your property. No one wants Aunt Edna falling in the koi pond.

Outdoor lighting can provide the ability for you and your family and friends to enjoy your outdoor spaces and the look of your home at night.