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Kyle Adamson: Outdoor Lighting Expert

We are proud to have been interviewed for a lengthy article about exterior decorating by our friend Saraya Brewer at Smiley Pete publishing in Lexington, KY. You can read the full article here. Here is the excerpt with Kyle regarding his outdoor lighting tips.

While a homeowner might choose to spruce up his or her outdoor lighting for many reasons, according to local outdoor lighting expert Kyle Adamson, the impetus typically falls under one of three categories: aesthetics, security and safety.

“Outdoor lighting has the potential to completely change the look and feel of a home’s exterior and landscape at night,” said Adamson. “A seemingly normal tree or outdoor space can come alive with lighting.”

Front-yard lighting typically focuses on curb appeal and security, he added, while the back tends to focus on enhancing the look and functionality of the place where people spend more time relaxing and entertaining.

With a degree in landscaping architecture, Adamson started the company Red Oak Design in 2006, but after a decade of experience with a variety of beautiful full-scale, start-to-finish landscape projects, in 2016 he rebranded the company – now called Red Oak Outdoor Lighting – to have a true outdoor lighting focus. He said the change was precipitated by working on so many beautiful homes, landscapes and outdoor spaces that were not able to be viewed or enjoyed at night.

“I was always amazed how outdoor lighting was rarely discussed, and when it was, it was an afterthought,” Adamson said. “I wanted to change that thinking and show clients the possibilities.”

Whether you are looking to enhance your outdoor lighting system for security, aesthetics or safety, here are a few key things Adamson recommends – many of which can be applied to other substantial home improvement projects as well.

Hire an expert. With Kentucky’s four distinct seasons, lighting changes and evolves over the year. Outdoor lighting experts are in a unique position to foresee these natural changes to the landscape and understand how landscapes will mature and are equipped with the knowledge to best illuminate your landscape accordingly.

Consider outdoor lighting at the beginning of other home improvement projects. As with most home improvement projects where budget might be a concern, installing a large-scale lighting project in phases can help alleviate those concerns. But consulting with an outdoor lighting expert during the early design phases of other significant outdoor projects – such as installing new walks, patios or seating walls, or having a pool or other water features designed and installed – can ultimately save homeowners time and money, Adamson said.

“A lighting designer can locate wire runs during the design and construction phase,” Adamson said. “The placement of a two-dollar PVC pipe at the beginning can save the homeowner hundreds of dollars in the end.”

Establish a plan and schedule for maintaining your outdoor lighting system. The best designed and installed lighting systems need to be maintained, Adamson said – fixtures should be checked, lenses cleaned and aiming adjustments made at least once a year. Additionally, as the landscape matures, you may have to carefully prune plant material or move the fixture so the effect continues to be as it was intended. Fortunately, Adamson added, improved LED technology over the past decade has eliminated the need to switch out lamps every year, reducing normal maintenance costs greatly.

Red Oak Outdoor Lighting is an award-winning outdoor lighting company based in Lexington. From intimate courtyards to horse farms and large estates, the company has provided custom outdoor lighting design, installation and service throughout the state since 2006.